Your transformation

The only prerequisite for me to assist and support you is that you be a woman.

Whether you are pregnant, a mother already or neither, I am here to help you heal from anxiety, stress and trauma, whatever the reasons behind these debilitating conditions, and from emotional eating and body confidence issues. If you suffer from the latter, it is highly likely that you have suffered or are still suffering from the former, so a lot of the work I do around food and weight problems is around the actual deep-rooted issues. Find out more here.

I offer the following services – click on the links below or on the subtabs above:

I will not cure you.

I will not heal you.

I will simply facilitate a process whereby you access what you already know, heal yourself and become who in essence you already are but don’t know it yet.

I will give you proven tools and techniques that have helped me and hundreds of clients, so that you can use them between our sessions together and beyond. These are tools for life, and you can even introduce your family to these tools if you feel so inclined, so that you can all benefit.

I offer a variety of packages, depending on your issues.

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