Wise Women Writing Womb Membership

If you have already done my Birth Your Book Bundle, you will probably already know that you are more than welcome to carry on your writing with me and the beautiful other women in this circle.

If you have not done my Bundle and are new-ish to my work, come and join my circle as it is the only other way we can work together on your book.

I have created a safe container for women writers.

I would love it if you came here and found and used your voice and shared it with the other women in the circle, so you get used to talking and writing about your topic and ideas. 

You love connecting with other women and sharing your magic with them.

This is your time and the right place for you to come and create long-term relationships with like-minded women.

Heart-to-heart connections are your jam and I love facilitating this in my circle. 

Share your faith and optimism, your light is needed in this circle and in the world.

Together, we will radiate our lights so much more brightly, through our sharings and our writing, while creating valuable relationships. 

What you can expect

  • From an editorial perspective: support from me with your book ideas, structure ideas, chapters, mindmaps, the book-writing and book-publishing processes, etc.
  • From an emotional perspective: support from me with your emotions, feelings, blocks, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, traumatic experiences, etc.
  • From a business perspective: a bank of tech tips to help you set up your business online or decrease the time spent on unnecessary tasks (e.g. Acuity Scheduling, Zoom, PayPal, Loom, Kajabi); one call a month dedicated to money mindset with transformational coaching exercises and experiences. 
  • Fortnightly 60-75 minute writing circles via Zoom, on Wednesdays at 3.30pm London time (subject to change if this isn’t an ideal time for most of the women in the Writing Womb and covid-19 permitting…). These circles are around a particular monthly topic (see below) and provide a unique opportunity to share as well as to write. One call will focus on the topic and Q&As, one call will focus on using EFT for blocks (emotional, writing, life, business, money, anything you need!). 
  • A dedicated thread every week where you can ask me anything in the Facebook group/circle (or in the comments in Kajabi) during our fortnightly call. I am in there several times a week too for any urgent questions, to support you through a block or an editorial question.
  • A real and beautiful community of like-minded and supportive women who are going through the same emotions and processes as you, in a private, invisible Facebook group.
  • We are ALL writing our personal stories, even if it’s just a background story for our personal development book or the book that outlines our flagship programme.
  • We are ALL experiencing deep emotions and cathartic experiences.
  • Write from your creativity space, your womb – even if you don’t have a womb any more, even if you’re not menstruating (any more) as your energetic womb space is present no matter what – as well as from your conscious and unconscious minds.
  • Create a structure and framework for your writing that is unique to YOU, using writing and spiritual rituals based around the phases of the moon and based on YOUR cycle, even if you’re not menstruating.
  • Free materials such as charts, self-help techniques, reading lists, etc.
  • Meditations and tips related to writing or self-help/coaching/mentoring (e.g. how to use EFT/tapping for creativity, how to use journaling, etc.).
  • Quarterly LIVE guest expert interviews, where you can ask them anything.
  • An amazing platform called Kajabi, where you will find all the materials and all the recordings of the past circles. It has its own app (free) so you can listen to anything any time you like, on the go or on the loo!


Every fortnight, we gather in circle (yes, it’s possible even online!) and explore topics such as (in no particular order):

  • creating your own writing womb at home or in your office
  • your cycle and your creativity
  • using your dreams for your creativity (even if you’re not writing a novel/fiction)
  • using oracle cards to ask for guidance for your book
  • formatting in KDP (Amazon’s self-publishing software)
  • creating an altar just for your book
  • editing
  • meeting your Spirit Animal in meditation and call upon him/her when you write
  • using essential oils to support you as you birth your book
  • style sheet
  • affirmations
  • proofreading
  • boundaries
  • Patriarchy Stress Disorder
  • how to write your blurb
  • … and many more!

What is so unique about this circle is that…

  • We are all women.
  • We explore topics that reflect our unique, personal struggles as women AND as women who have their own businesses (AND most of us are mothers too!).
  • I support you emotionally as well as editorially.
  • I am a hypnotherapist, EFT, IEMT, NLP and Reiki practitioner and can use all these tools to help you.
  • I am a nurturing, supportive person and recognise that we cannot work, live or write in a linear way, as men do – we are cyclical beings and we HAVE to live our lives in this way, including our creative and business lives.
  • I support you with your business too, having worked freelance/had my own business since 2000, and having conducted it online nearly exclusively since October 2018.
  • So… we can talk about money, tech issues, book writing, children, partners, homemaking and everything in between – let’s face it, our writing HAS to be fitted in amongst all these things 😉

Who is it not for?

If you:

  • want shortcuts to finding out who you are, how you write and when your writing is at its best (please do some more research to find another Book Doula or Writing Coach, no shortcuts here; getting to know yourself and your writing style and environment takes a bit of time)
  • don’t want support
  • don’t want to share your own writing tips, schedule, writing space, etc.
  • don’t want to explore your relationship with money, your spirituality or your connection with Nature, the moon and your cycle

… then please explore another writing group or way of getting what you need for your writing to develop.

Who is it for?

If, however, you:

  • want unconditional support
  • want emotional support as well as editorial support so that you can get through the lows as well as enjoy the highs
  • want a framework to help you structure your writing time in a free-flowing way (yes, freedom in structure!)
  • want tips on how to plan, write and publish your book from someone who has been working in the publishing industry for 20 years and has published one book so far (on Amazon)
  • want a community of like-minded wise women
  • love the idea of sharing not just writing tips but also self-help and self-care tools
  • want to understand your relationship with yourself, with money and with others
  • want to understand why you can’t do certain things in your business but love doing others

… then the Wise Women Writing Womb is absolutely for you and I can’t wait to welcome you here ?

How to join the Wise Women Writing Womb

The Writing Womb is currently open and you can book your space by clicking on the button below.

  • Join for a fee of £59/month.
  • Please note that the membership will close on Sunday 31st May at 4pm BST. Joining the Writing Womb thereafter will be by invitation or referral only. 
  • Cancel any time.
  • No refunds.
  • Any issues booking your space? Please email here.

You will receive an email shortly after signing up and that will give you your login details and will have instant access to the membership in Kajabi (the learning platform I have chosen to host the videos and materials).

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