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Work with meBirth has featured in my life in many forms. My own birth in the 1970s, the births of my two daughters in the 2000s, and more recently the whole process of birthing my true self, which was a very long and sinuous 3-year birth.

Obviously, as a Book Doula, my passion is to help you Birth Your Book, whether you just need editorial support, just accountability (daily or weekly), one-off sessions or the whole shebang (accountability, editorial support and emotional support). See my packages here.

A big part of birthing your book is actually to do with birthing your true self. Whether you need some relaxation, to reprogramme your mind for a different mindset, to clear some blocks (whether writing or otherwise), to settle down your energy, to come up with a writing routine that suits your lifestyle or to resolve traumatic experiences and emotions (past or current), I can help you. Click on the tabs under Birth Your True Self to find out how. I specialise in creative blocks, anxiety, stress, trauma, emotional eating and body confidence issues.

If you are pregnant with a baby as well as with a book, I can also help you Birth Your Baby with my antenatal preparation classes, which combine hypnobirthing techniques and EFT, and with birth doulaing. My classes don’t just prepare you for the rest of your pregnancy and birth but also for motherhood. They are for both you and your husband/partner, so if or she would like to find out more about what this whole parenthood malarkey is about and how to best ride the waves alongside you, my Serene Birth and Motherhood course is for you 🙂 You will find more information on my Nesting Mums website.

If you are already a mother, I specialise in the mother-daughter relationship and see a lot of girls in my therapy practice, usually brought to me by their mums. I feel it is so important to release any issues they may have now, rather than wait till they’re in their late teens or twenties and have deep issues such as depression or general anxiety disorder. I give you and your daughter(s) the tools they need to grow in confidence, get rid of their phobias and anxieties, and become the strong, self-confident women they want and deserve to be.