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Birth has featured in my life in many forms. My own birth in the 1970s, the births of my two daughters in the 2000s, and more recently the whole process of birthing my true self, which was a very long and sinuous 3-year birth.

Obviously, as a Book Doula, my passion is to help you birth your book. I do this privately in 1:1 sessions packaged as the Birth Your Book Bundle, and in a monthly membership circle of female writers that I have called the Wise Women Writing Womb. What you may not realise is that a big part of birthing your book is actually to do with birthing your true self. Whether you need some relaxation, to reprogramme your mind for a different mindset, to clear some blocks (whether writing or otherwise), to settle down your energy, to come up with a writing routine that suits your lifestyle or to resolve traumatic experiences and emotions (past or current), I can help you, as part of the Birth Your Book Bundle but also with my (separate) Block Busting Bundle. I specialise in writing/creative blocks, procrastination, impostor syndrome, anxiety, stress, trauma (from childhood or recent) and motherhood (in particular if you have a daughter (or more!)).

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