Wise Women Writing Womb

The Wise Women Writing Womb is my online membership programme for female writers.

If you have already done my Birth Your Book Bundle, you will probably already know that you are more than welcome to carry on your writing with me and the beautiful other women in this circle.

If you have not done my Bundle and are new-ish to my work, I would love it if you joined my circle as it is the only other way we can work together on your book.

Who are you?

I have created a safe container for women writers.

I would love it if you came here and found and used your voice.

You have a unique story to tell about your own life

  • I want you to find the inner strength, courage and confidence to write it and share it with the world.
  • Help your sisters who are going through the same thing, or prevent girls and women from future generations from going through the same.
  • Share your story, your pain, your struggles; explain how you got over them; share the tools you used to overcome them; show them it’s OK, show them you got through it and how, and tell them how not to go through it themselves. I am soooo passionate about prevention!!

You have knowledge of and passion for one particular subject linked to pre-pregnancy, fertility, pregnancy, birth, motherhood, womanhood and girlhood and are passionate about prevention too

  • I want you to find the inner strength, courage and confidence to write it and share your knowledge and passion with the world.
  • It will help you grow your business and be an authority in your field. Your book will be your business card.

What you can expect

  • From an editorial perspective: support from me with your book ideas, structure ideas, chapters, mindmaps, the book-writing and book-publishing processes etc.
  • From an emotional perspective: support from me with your emotions, feelings, blocks, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, traumatic experiences etc.
  • A real and beautiful community of like-minded and supportive women who are going through the same emotions and processes as you.
  • Join for £33 a month when the next circle opens (48 hours before each New Moon)
  • Cancel any time.
  • Write from your creativity space – your womb, even if you don’t have a womb any more, even if you’re not menstruating (any more), your energetic womb space is present no matter what – as well as from your conscious and unconscious minds.
  • Create a structure and framework for your writing that is unique to YOU, using writing and spiritual rituals based around the phases of the moon and based on YOUR cycle, even if you’re not menstruating.
  • Free materials such as charts, self-help techniques, reading lists etc.
  • Moonly meditations and tips related to writing or self-help/coaching/mentoring (e.g. how to use EFT/tapping for creativity, how to use journaling etc.).
  • Fortnightly calls planned around the moon (one on or near the New Moon, one on or near the Full Moon), so this will change every moon cycle, giving everyone an opportunity to join the circle live (via Zoom). The calls will mostly be in the evening UK time (see below).


Every New Moon, we will gather in circle (yes, it’s possible even online!), set our intentions for the moon cycle and explore a topic, such as (in no particular order):

  • Create your own writing womb at home or in your office.
  • Your cycle and your creativity.
  • Use your dreams for your creativity (even if you’re not writing a novel/fiction).
  • Use oracle cards to ask for guidance for your book.
  • Create an altar just for your book.
  • Create a ‘guidance box’ just for your book.
  • Meet your Spirit Animal in meditation and call upon him/her when you write.
  • Use crystals.
  • Use affirmations.
  • Use body movement.
  • And many more!

Who is it not for?

If you:

  • want shortcuts to finding out who you are, how you write and when your writing is at its best, please do some more research to find another Book Doula or Writing Coach. No shortcuts here. Getting to know yourself and your writing style and environment takes a bit of time.
  • don’t want support
  • don’t want to share your own writing tips, schedule, writing space etc.
  • don’t want to explore your spirituality, your connection with Nature, the moon and your cycle

then please find another writing group or way of getting what you need for your writing to develop.

Who is it for?

If, however, you:

  • want unconditional support
  • want a framework to help you structure your writing time
  • want tips on how to plan and write your book
  • want a community of like-minded wise women
  • love the idea of sharing not just writing tips but also self-help and self-care tools

then the Wise Women Writing Womb is absolutely for you and I can’t wait to welcome you here 🙂

Circle dates

These are subject to change but they will be on the actual New Moon and Full Moon each month, or the closest working day if these fall on weekends. Each call is around 75-90 minutes (an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and a half), via Zoom and recorded, so don’t worry if you miss a call/circle, the replay will always be posted in the group within 48 hours.

  • Monday 4th February 2019 at 12pm (New Moon)
  • Tuesday 19th February at 7pm (Full Moon)
  • Thursday 7th March at 7pm (New Moon)
  • Thursday 21st March at 7pm (Full Moon)
  • Thursday 4th April at 7pm (New Moon)
  • Thursday 18th April at 7pm (Full Moon)
  • Thursday 2nd May at 7pm (New Moon)
  • Thursday 16th May at 7pm (Full Moon)

How to join

The Circle is closed from the day of the New Moon each month until 48 hours before the next moon cycle. So for example, after 4th February 2019, the next time you can join is from 4th March, for just 48 hours, after which the circle will be closed again for about 27 days. This ensures that the circle remains safe and sacred and allows us all to get to know each other.

Please click on the PayPal button below to pay and join (this button will only show 48 hours before the New Moon each month). You will then be directed to one of my website pages, where you will find the link to the Facebook group (it is a ‘closed’ group so only you will be able to see the posts in the group, not your ‘Facebook friends’). Please contact me if you experience any issues, either via PM on Facebook or via my contact form here.

Pay £33 when you join, and £33/month thereafter until you decide to cancel.

This is a recurring payment via PayPal so please note that YOU are responsible for cancelling your payment via PayPal at least 2 days before the date of the payment renewal.

Please note that at the moment, only 5 extra women can join each moon cycle, so as to keep the circle small and the container safe. 

The circle is now closed for this April moon cycle. Please get in touch to be on the waitlist for the April/May moon cycle.