Aine – EFT for overwhelm

I have had tapping sessions before and have never experienced such a definite and massive shift in my feelings about the topic as with Saveria. This was fabulous. I admit, I found the voicing of negative things very uncomfortable, but it really helped me shift things....

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Kamilya – Reiki

I had only had Reiki once before, a long while ago, but Reiki with Saveria was a much more complete service. She took on board my current issues and focused on them specifically. I was so relaxed at one point that I slipped into deep meditation and connected with my...

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Rachel – Reiki for pregnancy

Thank you so so much for an amazing Reiki session. I felt so calm and relaxed almost straight away that I know I fell asleep! I found it really comforting to feel how warm your hands were when you were holding areas of my body. Your garden therapy studio was also...

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Anxiety and EFT

Thank you for your offer of another EFT session. I am honestly very happy as I am. I have only used my tapping twice since we last saw each other, I feel at peace. I have recently recommended you to two of my friends 🙂 You really turned my life around, I never...

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Birth trauma session – Myriam

My first birth, in 2011, was a traumatic one. Not a real nightmare but nothing was how I had expected. I was really upset and angry about it. Then life went on and I thought that it was ok to have a second child. At the beginning of 2016, I found out that I was...

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I sleep much better now! I wake up just a couple of times in the night and am able to fall asleep again each time. I am much more positive, with the help of the tools you have given me. My husband is more than impressed… me too!!! This is all so much better than...

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Fibromyalgia, IBS and IEMT

I wasn’t sure what to expect from IEMT, I had read a little bit about it but not much. I got a lot more out if than I expected to. I found myself talking about issues that I would not have connected with my fibromyalgia at all and was surprised by how strong my...

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Anxiety and IEMT

I went to Saveria for IEMT to help address anxiety I felt in relation to pregnancy. During my first pregnancy I suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum and was hospitalised for 3 days and on medication from week 7 through to week 24 of the pregnancy. The experience of...

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