Serene Women Circle

Serene Women Circle

I have seen and felt the power of just being together as women in a circle and sharing about a particular topic.

This is what I want to offer the women of Oxford and surrounding towns and villages. A safe space to come and BE as women and share from the deepest place in their hearts and listen to other women and feel how much what each woman says resonates within her too.

Because we are all equal and all powerful, and most importantly we all have something to say and we all want to be LISTENED and HEARD and SUPPORTED.

This is what you will get by coming to my circle.

I have been (co-)facilitating women’s circles and Mother and Daughter Circles for well over a year (in fact for at least a decade, unofficially, for and with my friends!). I have participated in many circles too and really appreciate receiving the unconditional support and love when in circle, and just as importantly receiving creative ideas or/and ‘divine downloads’ about my creativity, my life and my work.

This is also what you will very likely get by coming to this circle.

Depending on its size, the circle will last between an hour and a quarter and an hour and a half.

There will be a meditation and then sharing around a topic (see list of topics below).

Where and when

  • In the large hall of the Ark T Centre in Cowley, Oxford
  • every Tuesday morning term-time only (so NOT on 23/10)
  • 10am till about 11.15/30am


  • 11th Sept: Learning to say no
  • 18th Sept: Our female cycle (even if you are not menstruating any more, even if you don’t have a womb any more)
  • 25th Sept: Staying true to yourself / Birthing your true self
  • 2nd Oct: Motherhood – whether you are a mother, daughter or expecting, whether you fulfil the role of ‘mother’ to a person or several in your life (your own mother even, perhaps, or your friend or brother or sister), this is an opportunity to talk about mothers and motherhood
  • 9th Oct: Our shadows
  • 16th Oct: What do you fill yourself up with (negative but also positive things)?
  • NO CIRCLE ON 23/10 (it’s half term and the Centre is only open for children’s groups)
  • Next circles (dates tbc)
        – Giving and receiving
        – Finding balance in our lives (personal and/or work/business)

What to bring

Serene Women Circle

* Something for the altar if you feel called to (stone, crystal, feather, flower, etc.)
* journal and pen for self-reflection if you wish
* bottle of water
* a meditation cushion or similar as we will be sitting on the floor (though some chairs are available too)






What to wear

* Something comfortable as we will be sitting on the floor, though chairs will be available.

How much and how to book

I want as many women as possible to experience the power of being in circle with other women.
If you find the whole idea intimidating, if you are not sure what to expect, if you think it might feel or sound strange to you, I want to make it easier for you to come and experience a circle anyway.
Pay only £5.50 the first time you book onto my Serene Women Circle!
Simply use this coupon code: HALFPRICE
***Please note: offer ends on 16th October***
Click on ‘REDEEM COUPON’ at the top of the booking page and follow the instructions. The time zone is set for the UK already, so just click on that and then click on the date you want to attend the circle. Whichever circle date you choose, you get your spot on your first circle for HALF PRICE (£5.50 instead of £11) 🙂
Once you have booked onto one circle, the system will not let you book again using that coupon code. So thereafter the price will be £11.
  • £11 per person (if you are booking for more than one person, please change the ‘quantity’ at the top of the booking page below)
  • Pay only £5.50 the first time you come to the circle (COUPON CODE: HALFPRICE) (Click on ‘REDEEM COUPON’ at the top of the booking page)
  • due to the limited number of spaces the fee is non-refundable (but it is transferable)
  • payment is via PayPal upon booking
  • If you do not have a PayPal account, contact me to make a bank transfer

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