Birth Your True Self

You don’t need fixing, you need healing.

You don’t need to change anything about who you are at your core.

You need to let your light shine through and Birth Your True Self.

This programme is all about YOU.

It is a mixture of therapy and life coaching (and business coaching if you have your own business, which most clients I see do).

I am here to support you, hold space for you and nurture you as you birth your true self – the one that could never see the light of day when you were growing up, and even well into adulthood, because you were too scared or because you didn’t even know who this person was, underneath all the pain, all the rejection, all the lack of love, compassion and support; the one that has been hiding for so many years, due to your upbringing, to trauma in your childhood or more recently, and maybe even to patriarchy. If you have read Patriarchy Stress Disorder by Valerie Rein, you know the wound is deep. If you have read Witch by Lisa Lister, you know it is called the Witch Wound, and it is generational and profound.

Whatever you are experiencing in your life, business or creativity, whether you are tweaking your business or completely changing direction, whether you are having a wobble as to what your purpose is or whether you know exactly what you want but just don’t have the courage to go for it and need some tools on your way, I can help.

All my sessions are tailored to YOU. I don’t follow a blueprint. I follow YOU and YOUR needs, over 6 months. 

My superpowers and gifts are:

  • helping you unearth emotions that are deeply rooted in your childhood (and perhaps in previous generations in your family) and supporting you as you release them
  • releasing the trauma that lives in your mind and in your body
  • unblocking all the blocks and so-called negative emotions, such as anxiety, stress, overwhelm and low self-esteem
  • championing you
  • seeing possibilities in you that you can’t see yourself
  • believing in you so much that you can’t help but believe in yourself too
  • helping you save money easily
  • helping you create all sorts of useful spreadsheets, for your finances/accounts, your clients, your books, etc. – you name it, I’m your Spreadsheet Girl!
  • brainstorming ideas with you (business names, course names and taglines, course structure, website structure, book titles and taglines, blog post ideas – anything where you feel trapped and need some quick-help-NOOWWWW!)

I don’t heal you – I facilitate a process whereby you heal yourself and free yourself from your past and your negative emotions and feelings, to live a life of freedom, confidence and pride.

I am not a magician (though some of the techniques I use certainly feel like magic!) – you will need to do some work during and between our sessions, but it will be soooo worth it.

The issues you’re experiencing need to be resolved so that you can achieve the life you’re currently only dreaming of. I want you to free yourself from the hold that anybody has had over you for so many years, or perhaps even decades, and I want you to stop wasting your time and your life waiting for them to change, or even for you to change. Instead, I want you to move forward in your life, your writing and your business, THRIVE and FEEL THE FREEDOM. 

I will give you proven techniques that have helped me and hundreds of clients, so that you can use them between our sessions together and beyond. These are tools for life, and you can even introduce your family to at least some of these tools if you feel so inclined, so that you can all benefit.

The ones I always use are EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) (aka ‘tapping’), Sacred Money Archetypes® and charting your cycle or/and the moon cycle, along your creative cycle. But others include hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy), meditation, relaxation, oracle and affirmation cards, essential oils (I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate), Reiki and rituals. If you would like to find out more about these techniques, click here. 

On a more practical level, I can help you with planning (your life and business), boundaries, money and spreadsheets.

If you want to write a book and need emotional and editorial support for this, please click here and also know that we will tackle some of these aspects of your life and business in the first six sessions of my Birth Your Book programme.

The issues you are currently facing need a bit of time to be looked into and resolved. You have a family to look after, perhaps even aging parents to tend to. There is no quick fix. This is why I offer a 6-month, 12-session bundle. However, each session is transformational, so that from the first one you already know you are in good hands and you have started the birthing process. In just a few sessions, you feel a whole lot better and a whole lot clearer about how to move forward in your life and business. You start to Feel the Freedom – from your past, from other people, from behaviours that don’t serve you any more and from your own expectations that are not actually in alignment with who you truly are. You break cycles and patterns that have been plaguing you for years, sometimes decades.

Freedom is at your fingertips, in particular with EFT 🙂

With this 6-month programme, you will:

  • strengthen your sense of self and your boundaries in your relationships (including with yourself), with your money, with time, with how you run your life and your business
  • have better control of your emotions as you analyse and release them as and when necessary, without hesitation, blame or shame
  • design your life and business according to your needs and your rhythms
  • draw a line in the sand and know what you no longer want in your life, what you want to release, and do it in a meaningful, perhaps even ritualistic (if you wish), way
  • let go of your money dramas and stories and birth a new money story
  • feel more and more in control in your life and business, finding freedom in structure and automation

This is a package of 12 sessions, as follows:

  • a first session that lasts 90 minutes and where you get a Sacred Money Archetypes® reading and a short introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, aka ‘EFT’ or ‘tapping’)
  • fortnightly support – 60-minute session once a fortnight
  • each session will focus on the issue(s) you are facing that day or week, and it can be anything – practical/organisational ideas (for your work space, for how to structure your website and your packages, how to organise your day or/and week, spreadsheets, etc.), as well as emotional support, for example with stress, anxiety, overwhelm, trauma, money and pricing blocks (for these, I will most likely use talking therapy and EFT, as well as Sacred Money Archetypes coaching)

How to book

  • If you are interested in this bundle, please book a 20-minute FREE consultation (which will take place via Zoom) and we can establish if we’re a good fit and I can support you in the way you desire.
  • If you book a Discovery Session (book here) and then go on to book the Birth Your True Self programme, the fee of your Discovery Session will be taken off the price of the programme (if paying by PayPal, I will give you a unique coupon code to apply at checkout).
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