Sacred Money Archetypes® quiz

Welcome to my moola world and to the Sacred Money Archetypes®!

We all have 8 archetypes within us, but our world, internal and external, is ruled by our top 3 archetypes.

Would you like to find out what your top 3 are and how they rule your world?

This quiz is a series of thought-provoking questions about your habits, behaviours and thoughts relating to money.

However, as Kendall SummerHawlk, creator of the Sacred Money Archetypes coach certification programme says, ‘the way we do money is the way we do everything’, so all the findings from this assessment will apply to SO MUCH MORE than just money 😊 

This is why I LOVE these archetypes and this work, and why I apply it to ALL areas of my life AND my business.

ALL my clients take the quiz before I start working with them. It ensures I work with them from the very best place and help them as much as possible, whether they are in my Birth Your True Self programme, my Birth Your Book programme or my Birth Your New Money programme.

Please consider each question below from a ‘whole life’ perspective, i.e. if a statement has at one time been strongly relevant but is no longer, please still mark it on the higher side of agree.

Also, answer each question from a place of truth – not hope, wish or ‘would like’.


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I am a generous person, often giving or loaning money to others.

I like calculating the pros and cons of taking a financial risk.

I often find myself coming to the aide of others, financially and otherwise.

I am willing to risk money for a potentially large financial gain.

Despite my best efforts, something often happens to complicate my life financially.

I secretly feel clever or even superior to others about money.

I find myself waiting to be paid because of someone else's needs or reasons.

I like gaining the upper hand with money.


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