I have mentioned many times in previous posts and Facebook vlogs how passionate I am about continuity of care and support. This is why ‘Listening Ear sessions’ are part of my antenatal services, whether you do a group course or a private course. They mean that:
My Listening Ear sessions* You can celebrate your birthing experience, able to express things like ‘I managed to pee in the bowl when I got to hospital!’, ‘My husband filled the pool like a pro, in time and everything, and set up the space beautifully, with candles and low lights, I felt so relaxed, it was so nice that he knew what I wanted and needed!’, ‘I breathed my baby out just like in the videos!’, ‘I remained calm even when they announced that forceps were needed to help my baby come out’, and so much more!
* You can feel supported, heard and understood when you feel that some parts of (or all of) your birth were not expected and you feel disappointed, sad or resentful, as I can help you through those feelings using tools from my therapy toolbox.
* You can ask me any questions about your pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal period, about babies, your body, your emotions – ANYTHING. And if I don’t have the answers there and then, I can ask people who will and report back within 24 hours.
* You know that I am here for the long term, if you need anything else beyond this session.

I keep in touch with many of the women and couples I see and teach antenatally, and love that we have a long-term relationship – not one that finishes at the end of our last class (whether that’s the 5-class course or the 7-class course) but one that potentially never ends.

So if you like the idea of private, personal, tailored-to-your-needs classes to prepare for the biggest event of your life, do get in touch via my Contact me page. My group classes are kept small (maximum 3 couples) for the same reasons. I want couples to feel comfortable asking any questions they may have and that all their needs are discussed and covered.

Today I celebrated the birthing experience of a wonderful couple I supported antenatally with the 7-class course, and I also helped with one particular aspect of the birth that left the mum emotional just thinking about it. Using the fabulous technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), aka ‘tapping’, we cleared the emotion in a matter of minutes, so that this particular aspect doesn’t come back and haunt her at a later stage (and these things can come back at any point and in a variety of ways, and usually more intense, so it really is worth resolving as soon as possible).

If you would like to know more about EFT and how I can help if you had a difficult or traumatic birth, or just something unexpected happened during your birth (or at any other time in your life, for that matter), likewise, contact me. I offer FREE 30-minute consultations and you can ask me anything about anything. You can book these sessions here.

I feel so grateful and so privileged to work with couples at this extra special time in their lives, and even more grateful to have received this beautiful bottle of Prosecco as a thank-you present today 😃

Find out more about the Listening Ear sessions here.