Kamilya - ReikiI had only had Reiki once before, a long while ago, but Reiki with Saveria was a much more complete service. She took on board my current issues and focused on them specifically. I was so relaxed at one point that I slipped into deep meditation and connected with my third eye!

After both my sessions with Saveria, I felt balanced, lighter, calmer and more confident, perfect for the day before a job interview (and yes I got the job!) I have been sleeping much better since my Reiki sessions too, no more waking up every few hours and difficulty getting back to sleep!

Saveria demonstrated once again why she is my go-to person for any type of holistic therapy. She has a great intuition and is able to connect with the pertinent issues to use her therapeutic skills to the greatest advantage to her client. I also enjoyed and benefited from the use of crystals and spirit animal analysis.

Thank you, Saveria, from the bottom of my (lightened!) heart.

Kamilya, Cholsey

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