As I opened the laptop to see what I could do to feel better after waking up feeling oddly sad for no reason… I found your meditation again and it hit just the spot!! Thank you for reminding me! Your warm, reassuring voice took me right back to that glow in the heart again that I had felt when I first listened to it, back in the summer.

I really love this recording, first of all because you are a woman. A lot of meditations/hypnosis recordings on YouTube are by men, and those that are by women have that fake New Agey 80s voice – I don’t know how else to describe it, lol… Also because your voice is just so grounded and warm and like a normal woman’s – not trying to pretend to be some enlightened, otherworldly being. Plus I know you, so it feels extra, like I’m being cared for by an actual person. 

It was soooo helpful in the summer when I was feeling anxious – then everything changed pretty rapidly shortly after without me really noticing. Now I look back and marvel at wow! was I really that anxious, not very long ago!?? It seems like time warp – that really wasn’t a very long time ago and everything has changed!

Thank you so much again for your help. I now feel so happy and content, and I’m sure it’s at least partly thanks to your personalised hypnosis recording. 

V. Mitchell

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