Emotional support


You have a message to share with the world through your writing and your business

but you are blocked emotionally in some way.


Here are the issues I can help you with.


Writing blocks (obviously!)

Writing around your cycle and the moon cycle

Finding time and space to write

Trauma, including birth trauma and PTSD


Motherhood, in particular if you have a daughter

Anxiety and stress


Sleep issues

Impostor syndrome

I know you may not be aware of this but these are real issues a lot of writers suffer from.

This can stall, stop or even reverse their efforts.


You think you can’t spell accurately enough

You think your grammar is appalling

You think your ideas aren’t that great

You think it’s all been done before

You think ‘What’s the point?’

You think you don’t have the time or space to write


But in actual fact, the real issue is what your mum said about your drawing skills when you were 6

what your granddad said about the first poem you ever wrote

what your English teacher said about your understanding of classical novels

… and so much more!


The other real, deep-rooted problems can be found in your relationship with your siblings (‘My sister was always so much more academic than me’)

in your relationship to the world

in the trauma(s) you suffered when you were little

in the way people treat you at the moment

in your self-worth/self-esteem (due to some of the above or not)

… and so much more!


These issues need to be resolved.


If you want to make this book writing and book publishing a reality, if you want to help more people through the work you do and the book(s) you are going to write, you need to address and heal these emotions and feelings.


The good news is I can help you with all of that.


In fact, it is one of my superpowers.


Thanks to one or several tools and techniques (that we can select together), I facilitate a process whereby you heal yourself.


I am not a magician (though some of the techniques certainly feel like magic!), you will need to do some work during and between our sessions, but it will be soooo worth it 🙂


I will give you proven techniques that have helped me and hundreds of clients, so that you can use them between our sessions together and beyond. These are tools for life, and you can even introduce your family to at least some of these tools if you feel so inclined, so that you can all benefit.


They include oracle and affirmation cards, essential oils (I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, talking therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) (aka ‘tapping’), Reiki, hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), meditation, relaxation and rituals. If you would like to find out more about these techniques, click here.

If you book the Birth Your Book Bundle, these sessions are included. We deal with them as they come up, moon cycle after moon cycle.

However, if you haven’t booked the Birth Your Book Bundle but still would like my help with these emotional blocks and wounds, I offer a 5-session bundle, my Block Busting Bundle. The issues you are facing now need a bit of time to be looked into and resolved. The first session is 2 hours long, the second around 90 minutes and the last three around 75 minutes. 


The fee for this bundle is £444.


Book your Block Busting Bundle

Or get in touch here if you want to have a chat first.




So if you want to…

  • release your old stories
  • birth new stories
  • write your book
  • self-publish your book
  • help other women and the next generations…