Continuity of care

Continuity of care

You know what I love the most about my job, when it comes to pregnancy and birth? It’s helping mums and dads towards the end of pregnancy.

Yes, what I love about my job as a hypnobirthing instructor, doula, Reiki practitioner and hypnotherapist is continuity of care.

The middle of pregnancy, when you’re most likely to come to me for your Wise Hippo hypnobirthing classes, on the whole is easy and wonderful (I insist – on the whole! Not always of course, sadly).

But the tough bit is ALWAYS at the end. Even when you have had a magical pregnancy (like I did both times).

At the end…

  • When you’re uncomfortable.
  • When you get told (for example) that you suddenly have gestational diabetes.
  • When you get told (for example) that you have pre-eclampsia.
  • When you can’t sleep and your hormones are all over the place, even more than usual in pregnancy.
  • When your friends and colleagues start scaring you with their birth stories. (Before that, maybe you didn’t pay attention, maybe they didn’t say anything, maybe they did but you drew your Cloak of Protection closer around you and pushed back the negativity, safe in your own positivity (that’s if you attended my Wise Hippo classes, to know about how to use this super powerful cloak :-))
  • When you’re at your most vulnerable because you’re tired, hormonal, fragile yet massive, can’t see your feet let alone put your shoes on.
  • When, for example, you get told that your baby is breech, aka ‘bottom down’, aka not necessarily great news, depending on your wishes and depending on what type of breech it is.

I was told the latter when I was exactly 39 weeks pregnant with my first baby, back in November 2008.

Massive shock.

Though I suddenly understood what the massive tsunami in my tummy had been about just 3 weeks before… and also comprehended the strange look on the doctor’s face at my 38-week appointment… She never expressed her doubts, but that very minute when my midwife announced my baby was breech, I knew the doctor should have done.

In any case, after a failed ECV (External Cephalic Version) on the day my baby turned ’40 weeks old’, I waited for labour to start.

Eight days later, it finally did!

When I turned up at hospital, I was told I wasn’t dilating yet (I realised when I went into labour second time around that labour that day in November 2008, 4 years earlier, hadn’t actually really started…) and I was kind of forced into an ‘elective c-section’. (If you want to read more about both my birth stories, head over here.)

My point is: I didn’t have ANY kind of support at that crucial time of pregnancy – the very end.


It wasn’t my mother, though an ex-obstetrician and gynaeocologist, who was going to support me in giving me all the options, medical or ‘alternative’, unbiased.

It wasn’t my NCT teacher who was going to give me personal support right at the end (or maybe it was – I’m sorry I never asked, if you read this, dear NCT teacher 🙂 ). I didn’t feel it was part of the package when I signed up for the course.

It wasn’t the medical caregivers that were going to give me ideas about what to do to turn baby around – acupuncture, reflexology, Webster technique with a chiropractor, hypnotherapy (I wasn’t a hypnotherapist at the time, not even a hypnobirthing instructor – if I had been, of course I would have used the proven method of hypnosis to try to make my baby turn head down).


My mission

And so it is part of my mission to help couples right till the end of their pregnancy, and even on their birthing day if they wish, and even beyond if they wish. That IS part of MY package. Because that is so often when the going gets tough and they don’t get given the information they need and the choices they have. And I want to be there to be the person who does.

So when you sign up for my classes, you don’t just sign up for my classes. You sign up for a whole load of help and personal support, tailored to your needs. Yes I will charge you extra for an additional session such as turning your baby or fear release or a whole additional course called Confident C-section, but NO I will not charge you extra for all the text messages, calls and emails that will help reassure you, give you information you need towards the end of pregnancy, provide you with the phone numbers of all the contacts you may need (for example, my trusted accupuncturist’s). This applies beyond the birth too. If your baby has been diagnosed with ‘tongue tie’ for example, I know who can help. And in very special circumstances, I provide postnatal help too (at extra cost) – just ask me.

I have calculated that over the years, on average, I usually help my clients over about 4 hours between the time they contact me and the time their baby is settled at home. This is worth in excess of £200. And many required more hours. But I didn’t charge them extra for my support, information and time (only for extra actual sessions, as I said above – and these can be in my studio or in their home).

Get in touch!

So if this sounds divine and just what you’re looking for – unconditional support from the minute you get in touch with me till the time your baby is settled at home and you feel you know what you’re doing – do send me an email via my contact form here and we can discuss your requirements (especially if you would like private classes).

If you already know you just can’t wait and just want to attend my group classes, you can just book on that page too. You can pay your £100 deposit and I will be in touch.

By for now – I’m off to do a Breech Turn session for a very special couple. Fingers crossed Baby cooperates 🙂 But even if he or she doesn’t, the couple know that there is a very good reason for this and are ready to accept whatever happens on the day of their birth, no matter how it unfolds (whether a ‘head down’ vaginal delivery, a ‘breech’ (or ‘bottom down’) vaginal delivery or a C-section), because they will have done all that is in their power to get the birth they want but also made all the decisions along the way. This is what a positive birthing experience is all about.