Even though myself and baby had a wonderfully relaxed birth using hypnobirthing methods in a water pool at home, I still found myself feeling ‘vulnerable’ in the couple of months after the birthing. I had opened myself up physically and mentally and now I was a Mother, I felt different and was treated differently by most people around me. I felt strange trying to find my new identity.

The ceremony really helped me reconnect with myself and find ‘closure’ on the pregnancy and birthing part of my life,  helped me to move onto the new phase and role in my life.

Saveria, who had also been our hypnobirthing teacher, was great and tailored the ceremony to private circumstances in my life and to my cultural heritage. My best friend was part of the ceremony and I felt connected to my friends and to all the supportive women in my life, past and present, family and non-family.

Afterwards I felt stronger, more relaxed, reconnected with myself spiritually, warm, loved and prepared for motherhood. Kamilya Le Masurier (August 2013) Read her birth story here.