I just wanted to share with you all how truly grateful I am to have had the opportunity to connect with you all. Special thanks to Saveria and Amanda for creating this circle (Full Moon Women’s Circle)  From which I have begun to see the real power in the feminine and the true beauty within all of us as a sisterhood, including myself.

The change in me has felt profound. Being surrounded by such inspiring, courageous and honest women has shone such a beautiful light on my life I couldn’t possibly thank you all enough.

Since I was 13 years old (18 years ago), I haven’t dared leave the house without my mascara on, even having had a period of time when I had specific ‘bed’ makeup so that my partners wouldn’t see me without make up.

Today, I’m leaving the house completely barefaced. This may seem quite a small thing but to me it really means so much. It means I have finally seen something about myself to love, it means today I looked in the mirror and didn’t feel repulsed. I feel fully embraced by the love that this utterly incredible community has provided for me and I can feel the tides of change washing over me and I LOVE IT!

There will be darker days, of this I’m sure, but for now I am just so grateful for today! For this feeling of love, for all of YOU beautiful goddesses for sharing my journey so far and for holding me when I needed it. Lastly, for being so divinely YOU and showing me so much beauty that I can begin to see that in myself!

With love and with thanks to you all

O., Oxfordshire

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