I was supported by Saveria for a 12-week period whilst making a start on writing my book. Before working with her, although I had started the writing process, it felt heavy and uncomfortable. I wasn’t enjoying writing and I was avoiding working on my book despite knowing it was what I wanted and was being called to do. Saveria helped me to recognise what was holding me back from writing and then enabled me to free myself from those blocks using EFT and other techniques.

I would say that the fears and anxieties that I held have been completely eradicated over the 12-week period. I no longer worry about what others’ opinions of my writing might be and I feel free to express what I want to say in the way that feels true to me.

Saveria has also helped me to structure my book and break down the chapters into clear and manageable chunks, making the writing process feel light and enjoyable. The end is in sight for writing my final few chapters. I have a plan in place and a routine to my writing.

I’m so grateful to Saveria for the help and inspiration she’s given me, moving me from overwhelm into ease with writing my book. I would highly recommend to anyone who feels at all stuck in their writing to speak to Saveria about how she could help them.

Anna Le Grange, Mindful Breastfeeding Coach

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