After spending many minutes on and off yesterday wondering where I would go in Oxford today to do some work while the girls are at an art & craft workshop, as always the perfect solution offered itself to me – work where they are

There is wifi, herbal teas, water and, very importantly, peace and quiet (just music playing softly in the background and a few people chatting) – everything I need

Thank you, Universe!

Today, I am editing and also writing my own things – poems about covert narcissism and my experiences as the victim of a covert narcissist (my father).

It feels very strange because I have moved on from this completely, yet there is obviously some kind of pain lingering (it comes up as I write) and it needs to come out so that I can serve at my highest, in my personal life and in my business.

I have no idea whether I will publish these or not, but let me tell you this.

At the moment I definitely want to because so many people have responded with beautiful, heartfelt messages to my blog post a few weeks ago, to my related post on Facebook and to my newsletter, so I know my poems could help a lot of women feel less lonely and more understood.

However, I AM experiencing the usual fears that most of my Book Doulaing clients do too: the fear of being criticised for talking/writing like this about someone (close or not), the fear of being told it’s selfish, the fear of being judged and told to ‘get over it’ (I AM!! I have forgiven and I feel good, but these poems are coming through, and it really feels that it IS to help others), all – the – fears!

Of course, I am telling those fears to f* off and I use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to acknowledge them, accept them and then let them go.

I also focus on the ultimate benefits – even if it’s for just one person. As I always tell my clients, even if you just help ONE human being, your work on this earth is done. And of course, their book and work always helps so many more than just one.

Do YOU experience such fears (whether it’s for your business or your writing)? Comment below, I’d love to know. 

And if you would like help with such fears and writing blocks, the next thing to do is to book your space on my Wise Women Writing Womb (it reopens on 30th April and starts on 2nd May) or for private sessions. If you would like more information on and have a chat about either, please book your FREE consultation here

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