I looooove talking about the cycle (and the moon cycle to a certain extent) with my clients, whether they write or not.

After a few cycles, they start to see the benefit of tracking.

They start to see the patterns.

They start to ACCEPT those patterns.

They start to accept the way their emotions and inspiration ebb and flow to the rhythm of their hormones.

Every single male writing coach will tell you to go go go.

Every single male writer/author will tell you ‘every single day is the only way to write productively’.

I say NO! Not women!

We cycle (even if we don’t have a womb any more).

We ebb and flow.

We can’t ignore our bodies.

We can’t ignore the way we were built.

We have superpowers in our cycle.

We have super productive days when we can write all day and other days when our brain is NOT optimal for writing.


So… do YOU track your cycle?

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