‘Birth Your Business’ session with a super special lady ❤

I’m all about birth (in case you hadn’t noticed).

A lot (most?) of my clients regularly ask me, along with questions about their writing and their mental health, questions about their business ideas, how to organise their business, how to use spreadsheets and other things about the practicalities of having a business.

So recently I officially added ‘Birth Your Business‘ to my services.

And today was my first ‘proper’ Birth Your Business session, completely impromptu. And I loooved it!

Don’t be fooled, though: you need to Birth Your True Self before you can Birth Your Book or Birth Your Business (at least in an easy and authentic way).

All the blocks, stress, anxiety and/or trauma need to be released at least a little for you to find the confidence you need to birth your book and your business. You need to birth your true self first. You need to know who you are. You need to know your gifts.

Luckily, that is one of my superpowers – to see your gifts, to give you permission to explore them and claim them and be proud of them, and to believe in you SO MUCH that you start believing in yourself, your gifts and in your business and/or writing too.

Considering your book is your business card, you can see how it’s all intricately linked.

If you need help with any of those aspects of your life, writing or business, book a free consultation here.

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