Birth Your Book Bundles

I love the fact that you have a book in you and want to birth it and release it into the world, to change lives, to impact women’s and girls’ lives in a BIG way. Welcome to my Birth Your Book services!

Whether you want to self-publish, need help with preparing your chapters/book for an agent, publisher or crowdfunding project, or are looking for support with writing your book proposal, I specialise in self-development books where YOUR story features heavily – your life, your learnings, your teachings.

Of course, each book is unique and has its own demands and characteristics. Therefore I cannot write out (or even think of!) all the possible scenarios I may come across, as there are so many variables – what you want, what you in fact need, your writing experience, your familiarity with the writing and editorial process, and of course the level of support that you want and that I can provide over the time frame you have in mind.

So I approach the book-birthing process with my clients in two phases:

  • The first phase is the birth of ideas, deciding on the general structure of the book, writing the outline of each chapter, an approximate writing schedule, along with the emotional support that you need to stay on track and the learning of your writing cycle, most probably based on your cycle and the moon cycle.
  • The second phase is the editing and proofreading of the book, and if you decide to self-publish, the formatting of the book in KDP, Amazon’s book-publishing software.

The second phase very much depends on your writing experience and the length of your book, so I can only provide a quote for this once I have seen sample chapters. If you have already written your book, please do get in touch as I can give you a quote for just this service.

If you are interested in at least working with me for the first phase (the editorial services can be added later and you do not have to book these if you only want Phase 1), I would love to hear from you by email so that we can schedule a FREE 20-minute session by Skype or Zoom and establish if we’re a good fit and whether what you have in mind for your book is suitable for the work that I normally do.

If after reading the information below you think you would like to join my Wise Women Writing Womb instead (or as well), which is an intimate circle of female writers and a monthly membership programme, please click here for more information.

Privately, I offer two bundles:

  • the Basic Birth Your Book Bundle
  • the Bountiful Birth Your Book Bundle


The Basic Birth Your Book Bundle (12 weekly sessions)

  • Weekly support – 30-minute session once a week.
  • Each session will focus on the issue(s) you are facing that day or week, and it can be anything – editorial support, ideas support, structural editing support, emotional support (I will most likely use talking therapy and EFT for this).


  • £555.
  • One-off upfront payment or two-part payment plan (non-refundable).


The Bountiful Birth Your Book Bundle (16 weekly sessions)

The Inspiring Writing Day

Our Book Doulaing journey starts with a whole day together, getting down to the nitty-gritty, for emotional support and editorial support. Ideally, this will be face to face in the inspiring city of Oxford, UK, but it can also be online.

Home to famous authors such as CS Lewis, Lewis Carroll, JRR Tolkien and Philip Pullman, Oxford truly is an inspiring city for writers. One of the most romantic cities I know (and I’m from Paris!), its cobbled streets, charming colleges and beautiful parks is the ideal décor to get your creative juices going. We will go for a walk (weather permitting?!), do intense Book Doulaing, remove a block or two, plan your book, have lunch and do some more work. The day will be from 10am till about 5pm.

Birth Your Book

I will be a sounding board for all your ideas, and together we can come up with a structure for you book if you haven’t already. I will also include anything from an EFT session to some relaxation or even a hypnotherapy session, some meditation and some breathing and grounding techniques, and you will be able to choose an essential oil that soothes or energises you (at no extra cost).

Things can happen a lot faster when we focus on your book over one whole day. It will give you the reassurance you need to start writing or keep writing.

  • I send you a questionnaire to help us prepare for your special day with me.
  • It takes place in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK, although Skype is an option too.
  • It is approximately from 10am till 5pm on a Saturday or Sunday only.
  • It can include an EFT/NLP or Reiki session if you wish (at no extra cost).

(If Oxford is not an option for you, we will do this Inspiring Writing Day on Skype and this will be reflected in the price of the Bountiful Birth Your Book Bundle.)

Birth Your Book

Four moon cycles

Once our journey has begun in Oxford (or on Skype), our weekly calls/sessions can start, and this will be on the next New Moon, or as close to it as possible. The first ones in 2019 will be on 6 January and 4 February. It is important for us to start around a New Moon and to follow the moon cycles for the next 16 weeks, so that you can spot and feel the natural patterns of your cycle, the moon cycles and your creative cycle. I don’t necessarily believe in writing a little every day, though I know it helps some people, but my philosophy is that we need to be much more in tune with Nature, our body and our creative cycle, so that we can be super productive at times, and resting at others, knowing that the resting allows for more creativity further down the line. Together, we will learn to track all these cycles and structure your writing around them.

What these 16 weeks will comprise:

  • Weekly calls, with one 60-minute call every fortnight, on or near the New Moon and on or near the Full Moon, and one 30-minute call every fortnight in between (so one week a 60-minute call, one week a 30-minute call, one week a 60-minute call, one week a 30-minute call, etc.).
  • Each session will focus on the issue(s) you are facing that day, week or fortnight, and it can be anything – editorial support, ideas support, structural editing support, emotional support (I will most likely use talking therapy and EFT for this). The longer calls will be for setting intentions, for releasing emotions, fears and concerns, and for doing more in-depth emotional work, such as meditation, EFT and rituals.
  • Ideas for rituals around the moon cycle and your cycle (even if you are not menstruating or don’t have a womb).
  • Tools that you can use for yourself but also with your daughter if you have one and if she needs them too.
  • The possibility of using our time together as editing time, where I read and comment on a chapter or an outline instead of us having our normal call.



  • £1666
  • Upfront payment of a deposit (25%) (non-refundable).
  • Second payment 48 hours before the Inspiring Writing Day (25%) (non-refundable).
  • Third payment after the Inspiring Writing Day and 48 hours before the first session (remaining 50%) (refundable pro rata only in exceptional circumstances).


Example of a schedule for the Birth Your Book Bundle

  • Inspiring Writing Day in January.
  • New Moon: 4 February – a day to set intentions for your book.
  • Full Moon: 19 February – a day to release the emotional blocks that prevent you from writing.
  • Subsequent New Moon sessions (60 minutes): 6 March, 5 April, 4 May, 3 June.
  • Subsequent Full Moon sessions (60 minutes): 21 March, 19 April, 18 May.
  • Sessions in between: 30 minutes (on a regular day and time slot if at all possible).
  • Last session: around 24 May.


What happens if you need further support?

  • When we reach the end of the Birth Your Book Bundle, you can book the Bundle again for another 4 moon cycles, or you can have one-off 30- or 60-minute sessions.
  • You can also join my Wise Women Writing Womb, which is my membership programme with a closed group on Facebook and fortnightly calls (on the New Moon and Full Moon). If you have finished your current book and want to start a new one and follow the same process as we have done in the Birth Your Book Bundle, you can join or stay in the group and still benefit from my support every fortnight, where I will do a group call using Zoom and we can be in circle and set intentions on the New Moon and release what no longer serves us on the Full Moon, using EFT, meditation and rituals. We can discuss any of this when you reach the end of your Bundle. 


Editing, proofreading and/or formatting in KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)

When you feel that your manuscript is ready for editing (you may have edited it yourself but it will need professional editing), you can send it to me. It makes sense for me to edit it since I will be so familiar with it and with you, but of course you can choose another editor 🙂

The cost for this will completely depend on your writing experience, your book’s word count (how long it is), the subject of your book and whether you want my copyediting and proofreading or just one of these editorial services.

For this, payment will be required in at least two stages (at the beginning of the editing process, at the end of the editing process, and if you choose the proofreading service too, at the beginning of the proofreading process and at the end of the proofreading process).

Formatting: I can put you in touch with a formatter. This is for the Kindle version or the paperback version, or both (but note that the formatting for each is a different process, so you will need to discuss your requirements with her).