Birth stories

Birth doula – a hospital birth

From Mum Saveria was a very dedicated doula and guided me through pregnancy and birth. She was very flexible and adapted to my mix of medical and natural birth choices very skilfully without any prejudices. She took the time to understand why this mix was so important...

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S and A’s birth – a hypnobirth in a hospital

On Saturday 12th October, we had a house full of 9-year-olds celebrating L's birthday! After the chaos had been cleared we opted for an early night. The next morning, I had some very mild surges which subsided after a couple of hours (a good chance to practise the...

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Birth doula – a home birth

Both my husband and I are so glad that we hired Saveria to be our doula for our home water birth. Having taken private HypnoBirthing classes with Saveria in the lead up to the birth, we could think of no one better to support us on the most important day of our lives....

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My hypnobirth – a C-section

In 2008, just one week before my due date, it was found that my baby was breech. I had planned a birth-centre birth, so was a bit disappointed to have to go to hospital for the birth, but I went along with the ‘rules’ – though when my baby refused to cooperate when we...

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Birth doula – early labour at home

Saveria was with me during early labour at home and provided comfort, massage and relief with a rebozo. She helped make my labouring space calm and relaxing, which is just what I needed to help me achieve the birth I wanted at the Wallingford birthing centre....

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