I am an empath, and I bet you are too. As a friend, it is our superpower. We know how our friends are feeling and we can support them in ways no one else can. As a mother, it is our superpower. We know how our babies, toddlers and children are feeling at any given point.

As a coach or therapist, it is our superpower. We know how our clients are feeling and we can help them in ways they didn’t even suspect we could. I love being an empath now! Yet it wasn’t always the case. I was deemed ‘too sensitive for my own good’, ‘too withdrawn’, ‘too solitary’ (and yet I had many friends who I loved being with! Go figure!), too this, too that, not enough x, not enough y.

I know you can relate.

And this led you to doubting yourself at every turn.

Even today.

It takes a lot of strength and courage to be who we were born to be in this world, with this conditioning from very early on. We were probably babies who cried a lot, who needed a lot of attention. But people from my generation, did we get that? Nope. Not me anyway. I had to shut up, swallow my pain and my desire to be held close, and go through life thinking there was something wrong with me and I was not lovable.

And then to add to that, my father was a covert narcissist – hurting my feelings all the time, every day, but in such a way that NO ONE noticed, not even my mother.

But today, I am a strong (enough!) person and I use my superpowers (empathy, EFT/tapping and NLP, amongst other things) to help women like me, women like you – who suffered in silence, who had traumatic experiences whether they recognise it or not, and who are stuck in their lives, businesses and writing, because they were silenced so early on they don’t reaaaallly know who they are, or they don’t dare to be who they know they are deep down.

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