Antenatal preparation

Rachel – Reiki for pregnancy

Thank you so so much for an amazing Reiki session. I felt so calm and relaxed almost straight away that I know I fell asleep! I found it really comforting to feel how warm your hands were when you were holding areas of my body. Your garden therapy studio was also...

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Hypnobirthing classes – E and K

Thank you so very much for the Wise Hippo hypnobirthing and HypnoMothering classes and all your support leading up to the birth of our baby boy! Although it wasn't the birth we'd originally planned and prepared for, the techniques were still really useful and we...

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Hypnobirthing classes – G and P

My husband and I enjoyed our Wise Hippo hypnobirthing classes with Saveria very much. We chose to do a private course because we thought that this would make us feel more prepared and confident. And we don’t regret it at all! Saveria helped us a lot in so many ways. I...

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Hypnobirthing classes – S and S

There were lots of useful things that we learnt in Sam’s hypnobirthing and HypnoMothering classes. Sam was very knowledgeable in both the course content and anything birth-related that we asked. We really liked the combination of learning the factual side about the...

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Hypnobirthing classes – Kate and Scott

I hadn’t heard of hypnobirthing before I was pregnant, but had always felt like birth was a natural thing not to be scared of. However, you hear the ‘horror’ stories that so many women tell you and they can’t help but stay with you in your subconscious. A friend of...

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HypnoMothering class

I really enjoyed the HypnoMothering programme. It was great to be given reassurance that certain negative feelings were not wrong and that there is no blueprint for perfect parenting. Also, very nice to feel independent, free from the judgement of others and to know...

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