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Heal yourself

Birth your Book

Heal the world

Your heart is sinking yet again.

You are still not doing what you have been wanting to do all these years.

You are still not being who you have been wanting to be all these years.

You are feeling lost, overwhelmed and like you’re still not being who you feel you are deep down.

You still don’t trust yourself.

You still think your ideas are boring or not original enough.

You still feel no one is listening and no one cares.

Just like when you were little.

Just like when you were a teenager.

The real you is dying to be birthed and be shown to the world so that she can shine her light and help others.

I hear you. I feel you.

I can help you.

Because I have been right where you are, and now I’m on the other side and feel like I really am who I was meant to be since the day I was born.

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(Note that anything to do with ‘Birth your business’ can be discussed under ‘Birth your true self’.)

Birth your true self

I support you emotionally as you free yourself from anxiety, stress and trauma

Birth your book

I support you emotionally and editorially as you birth your book

Birth your business

I support you emotionally as you birth the business of your dreams