Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood Mentor

for a Serene Birth and Motherhood

If you want to let go of…

  • your concerns about birth and motherhood
  • your anxiety (whether specific or general)
  • the stress in your life
  • your past hurts, wounds and traumas
  • your life stories and all the negative things you tell yourself
  • trauma (including birth trauma and PTSD)
  • the blocks you have around your creative process
  • the blocks you have around your job or business

… and feel the freedom of being who you want to be in your life…

… and be happy… with your choices, with who you are…

then you’re in the right place!

My name is Saveria and I am a Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood Mentor.

My job is to believe in you so much that you start believing in yourself and in your own skills to achieve whatever you want in life – a great pregnancy, a positive birth experience, a wonderful early postnatal period and a fabulous life thereafter.

Using a unique blend of EFT, hypnosis, NLP, affirmations, relaxation, Reiki and essential oils, I can empower you to free yourself from anything you no longer want in your life so that you can enjoy it and thrive through it.

It requires your commitment to learn, practise and use the skills I teach you.

As well as private classes and sessions, I offer circles and retreats.

Click on the boxes and tabs above to learn more about how I can help you let go of whatever you want to release and Feel the Freedom.

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