Holding soulful space as you birth your true self, your business & your book and grow from trapped to free

Birth Your      True Self

Birth Your Business & Book
Heal the world

 You are a sensitive soul.

You have a ton of ideas but it all feels fuzzy and confusing, being called to do so many different things, to write so many books, whilst having to put yourself out there.

How? When? Using what tools?

You have a book in you, dying to be birthed and be shown to the world so that it can help others.

But you don’t know where to start, how to put it together, let alone self-publish it.

You have a method, or at least tips and tricks, to share with the world so you can help others.

But you don’t know how to talk or write about your ‘thing’, let alone turn it into something you can call a business.

You have your beautiful, magical self to shine light on difficult topics so you can help others.

But you don’t know what to focus on, how to talk or write about your skills, how to share your gifts, and quite frankly, you could do with a little more healing yourself.

I can help you.

I specialise in supporting sensitive women like you as they birth their books and businesses.

My superpower lies in holding soulful space so you can birth your true self, your business AND your book.

A space where you can be yourself fully and explore your ideas, concepts and structures.

A space where I help you put them together into a business that is simple and suits you and your family, and a book that is your business card – short, simple but super useful.

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Birth your true self

I support you emotionally as you free yourself from anxiety, stress and trauma

Birth your book

I support you emotionally & editorially as you birth your book

Birth your business

I support you emotionally & practically as you birth the business that feels just right