Supporting you through

writing & business

as you help heal the world

Supporting you through writing & business as you help heal the world

Birth Your Writing Magic

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about where to start with your book, this 3-part video series is for you

Birth Your Book

If you are ready to write your book, I support you emotionally & editorially in my Birth Your Book programme

Birth Your Dream Business

I support you emotionally & practically as you transform your business into your magical and authentic brand

You are a lightworker.

You are here to shine your light and help heal the world.

You sense the seeds of a book within you but have no idea how to grow them, let alone birth this book and release it into the wild.

You want to write your personal story, so you can help others through similar traumas and tribulations and so that the people you support understand why you do what you do and why you do it the way you do it.

But you need help to create and birth your book.

The editorial support, the accountability and the emotional support too.

The reassuring presence of another woman who holds space for you while you birth your true self, your ideas and your book, showing your authentic self to the world and sharing your voice confidently.

Just as a birth doula does for a labouring woman, wiping her brow, telling her how well she is doing, how she is nearly at the end, ‘just a few more breaths’.

It is time.

It is time to go for your dreams, regardless of…

what they’re supposed to look like

what you’re supposed to sound like

how you’re supposed to behave

what you’re supposed to say and do

It is time to BE you and DO you and birth YOUR book.

It is time to birth…

your true self

your dream business

your transformational book

unashamedly, confidently, proudly

It is time to finally accept who you truly are and show this beautiful self to the world, so that you can birth your book confidently.

As you focus on that, I am here, right by your side, to reassure you, guide you, mentor you, coach you and hold space for you while you do the birthing bit.

I am your Book and Business Doula

My superpower lies in holding soulful space so you can birth your book in a way that is aligned with…

who you truly are

how you want to write

how you want to run your business

A space where you can be yourself fully and explore your ideas, concepts and structures.

A space where I help you put them together into a book that is your business card – short, simple but powerful.

Click on the subtabs under Work with me above to find out how I can help you.

If you don’t know what to book or what to work on first, book your free 20-minute consultation here or below.

So if you want to...

  • release old stories
  • birth new stories
  • let your real, beautiful, authentic self come to light
  • do your work in the world and help other women and the next generations
  • write and self-publish your book
  • and Feel the Freedom...

Trauma (including birth trauma and PTSD)


Finding time and space to write




Money issues



Imposter syndrome

Plan your writing around your cycle and the moon phases


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