Anxiety & stress

Anxiety and stress

Anxiety and stress are pervasive in our society. Social pressures, information overload, the feeling of not being enough and not doing enough, all contribute to our stress in the present and to our anxieties about the future, and can sometimes lead to General Anxiety Disorder.

However, they are more about how we respond to situations than the actual situations. We always have a choice about how we respond. We also always have a choice about what we do and don’t do. For example, you can decide to uninstall your Facebook application from your phone and tablet, to reduce FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and information overload.

Mostly, healing from these conditions requires a complete reconditioning of our brain, and this can take time. It also means you need to learn techniques to use daily, such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, aka ‘tapping’), relaxation, meditation and self-hypnosis (see this page for explanations about some of these techniques).

Having suffered from stress and anxiety myself, I know how to help women like you who are deeply suffering from these issues and feeling like there is no end to them, no solution, no hope.

It will be an honour to help you and support you on the road to recovery from these crippling conditions and to see you blossom into the woman that you want and deserve to be.

I offer private sessions and I usually recommend the following bundle, to help you stay focused on and committed to your transformation.

I also offer a weekly circle called ‘Serene Women Circle‘, in Cowley, Oxford, if you live in this area – on Tuesday mornings, 10am till around 11.15am.

The Bundle of Serenity and Freedom

Transform your life by:

  • finding and addressing the root cause of your stress and/or anxiety through talking therapy, hypnotherapy and EFT
  • clearing your energy blockages with EFT (and Reiki if you wish)
  • learning some tools that you will always be able to use in order to remain serene, free and happy
  • relaxing

All this can be yours for just £375.

This Bundle is tailored to your needs and spread over five sessions.

At the end of our first session (around 2 hours), we roughly plan out the next four (each around 1.5 hours), knowing that each session can be modified on the day, depending on what has come up for you that week, that day or even an hour before.

Upfront payment is required upon booking and can be made by bank transfer. Payment in two instalments is also available, but the first instalment is due upon booking (£200), the second between the second and third session (£175).

Support material such as worksheets and hypnosis MP3s may be provided to enhance the therapeutic outcome and are included in the session fees. However, a fee of £55 will be applied for a tailored mp3.

If you have any questions or wish to make a booking, please contact me here.

My sessions are face to face or by Skype, so wherever you live, I can help you.