About me

As a teenager and young woman, it took me years to find ‘me’.

Then early motherhood broke and remoulded that ‘me’ and I had to redefine her.

It is not an easy path and I could have done with a Motherhood Mentor.

Then as I finally fully owned my being an adult woman, I realised I could have done with a Womanhood Mentor too.

So I became a Womanhood and Motherhood Mentor.

I help women, mothers in particular, to solve the issues they have in some or all areas of their lives, and Feel The Freedom.

To heal and rise from their traumas, to use the tools I give them to overcome the obstacles that present themselves on their paths to finding out who they are, and to empower themselves to keep using these tools beyond our sessions, because we never stop learning and we never stop uncovering ‘stuff’ that potentially keeps us away from our authentic selves.

I am here to help you achieve the life you want and deserve.

A life of serenity and freedom.

I am ‘me’ and I am here to help you find ‘you’.

Your real, authentic, pure you.

I facilitate processes whereby you access what you already know but perhaps haven’t accepted and understood.

I have used these processes myself to find out what I really wanted in life and to help hundreds of clients come to a place of serenity, freedom and happiness, and I gave them the tools so that they could carry on the work by themselves, with my support if needed.

I am not a therapist – I don’t cure people.

I am not a healer – I don’t heal people.

I help people heal themselves, using the following tools and techniques:

  • hypnosis
  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
  • Reiki
  • breathing
  • relaxation
  • meditation
  • affirmations
  • essential oils
  • crystals

I help mothers enjoy a serene motherhood so that their children can enjoy a serene childhood and adulthood, using these same tools with their children (in particular affirmations, meditation, EFT, essential oils and crystals).

Ultimately, I empower whole families to live a better life and feel the freedom.


Feel the Freedom


Womanhood and Motherhood Mentor

Having had no practical or emotional support (apart from my husband’s, thankfully) in early motherhood, I am passionate about helping you plan this period of your life as best you can and helping to celebrate it, so that you feel supported, nourished, nurtured and cared for. We have lost many rituals in our cultures in the West – I believe it is high time they were reintroduced.

I became a HypnoMothering™ practitioner in 2014 and have helped many women prepare for motherhood. I now teach my own programme, Serene Motherhood. Through this programme, I help women solve their own issues before they become mothers, so that they don’t pass these on to their children.

I also offer relaxation and Reiki sessions and the wonderful Closing the Bones massage, at all stages of a woman’s life, but in particular in the early postnatal period.

More recently (in 2016 and 2017), I have developed an interest in healing modalities, such as crystal therapyReiki and Shamanism, which means the help and support I provide is even more holistic.

I specialise in helping women with emotional eating and body confidence issues, anxiety and stress because I know these issues very intimately, having suffered from all of them.

I also specialise in trauma (including PTSD and birth trauma) because I love seeing women recover so quickly from issues that had felt so deep and irremediable, far too often for years or even decades. The techniques I use are safe and offer quick, effective and long-term resolution of any kind of trauma.

Short bio and training

I qualified as a birth doula (professional birth companion) and postnatal doula (mum’s help) in 2011 (I trained with Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers on their Paramana Doula course) and as a HypnoBirthing™ practitioner (the Marie Mongan Method) in 2012. In 2014, I became a HypnoMothering™ practitioner, an IEMT practitioner (Integral Eye Movement Therapy) and finally a Professional and Clinical Hypnotherapist and an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming™) practitioner. In 2015, I retrained as a hypnobirthing instructor with The Wise Hippo Ltd.

As part of my continuing professional development (CPD) and my own personal development, I read a wide variety of books and articles and I regularly attend seminars, workshops, lectures and courses, whether online or face to face.


  • The Food Revolution Summit (2018)
  • Holy Fire Reiki I and II with Sophie Messager (2017)
  • The Wise Hippo FUSS Free Format (2017)
  • Sheila Granger’s Hypnosis for Hormones Programme (2017)
  • The Doreen Virtue Certified Crystal Reader course (2017)
  • The Sheila Granger Brain Training for Sugar Addiction Programme (2016)
  • Closing the Bones (Ecuadorian abdominal massage, ceremony), with Sophie Messager (2016)
  • The Mindfulness Summit (2015)
  • The Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band Programme (2015)
  • The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme and Prenatal Parenting Programme (2015)


  • Hypnosis for IVF – Learn the Essentials (with the Fertile Body Method) (2015)
  • Mindfulness meditation 8-week course (2014)
  • The Tongue Tie Workshop – What, Why and How?, with Maddie McMahon (2014)
  • The Rebozo Workshop – Wrapped in Love, with Stacia Smales Hill (2013)
  • Oxytocin – Tapping the hormone of calm, love and healing, with Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg (2013)
  • The Marie Mongan Method HypnoBirthing Practitioner Course (2012)
  • Inspirational Birth Workshop, with Liz Nightingale (2011)
  • Birth and postnatal doula training with Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers on their Paramana Doula course (2011)


My hypnotherapy and NLP training was with Thoughtitude. The courses are run by June O’Driscoll and Geoff Rolls, who are valuable members of the trainer assisting teams for Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) and for Paul McKenna.

My Diploma in Professional and Clinical Hypnotherapy is validated by the General Hypnotherapy Register and the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (this means you can find my details on the GHR website and thus verify my qualifications) and I am licensed with the Society of NLP (founded by Richard Bandler). I am thus bound by the GHR and NLP Codes of Ethics.

I am fully insured with Arthur J. Gallagher/Royal & Sun Alliance for all the therapies I provide.

A bit more about me…

  • I am French and have been living in the UK for over 20 years, in the Oxfordshire area for 14. My mother tongue is therefore French, but I speak English completely fluently.
  • I also speak good Italian but my Spanish is a bit rusty 🙂
  • In another life, I was an editor and proofreader for British educational publishing companies (mainly humanities and languages).
  • I love reading, going to the cinema and theatre, photography, walking and cycling.
  • I am a keen hatha yoga and Pilates practitioner, an assiduous meditator, and I believe I bring my experiences in these fields into my interactions with clients – a kind, caring, attentive, mindful, stress-free, intuitive attitude to life and people.

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