The Serenity and Freedom Expert

If you want to let go of…

  • your past hurts, wounds and traumas
  • your life stories and all the negative things you tell yourself
  • trauma (including birth trauma and PTSD)
  • your concerns about motherhood
  • your anxiety (whether specific or general)
  • the stress in your life
  • your emotional eating issues
  • your body confidence issues
  • anything that doesn’t serve you any more

… and feel the freedom of being who you want to be in your life…

… and be happy… with your choices, with who you are…

then you’re in the right place!

My name is Saveria and I am a Womanhood and Motherhood Mentor.

Using a unique blend of EFT, hypnosis, NLP, affirmations, relaxation, Reiki, crystals and essential oils, I can empower you to free yourself from anything you no longer want in your life.

It requires your commitment to learn, practise and use the skills I teach you.

As well as 1:1 and group sessions, I offer circles and retreats.

Click on the boxes and tabs above to learn more about how I can help you let go of whatever you want to release.